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Three Ways to Simplify and Secure your Infrastructure using Kubernetes Namespaces

Jul 24, 2020 5:59:56 AM / by Natan Yellin posted in kubernetes, Micro segmentation, microservices, network security, Kubernetes security, namespaces

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Kubernetes namespaces - they’re an essential feature for building modern cloud architectures. Namespaces let you split up a single cluster into multiple “virtual clusters”. Resources like pods, replicasets, and deployments all live in namespaces. You can think of a namespace as being a resource’s last name - it specifies which family the resource is part of - and normal resources can have one and only one namespace (There are exceptions like the Node resource which is cluster-wide and doesn’t belong to any namespace). If you don’t think you’re using namespaces on your cluster then you’re wrong. You’re actually just putting everything into the default namespace.

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Micro-segmentation for Better Cloud Security

Oct 10, 2018 5:20:56 AM / by Tal Rom posted in cloud security, Micro segmentation, workload protection

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Micro-segmentation is an emerging practice that is quickly becoming a critical facet of cloud security. Its objective is not only to prevent compromise, but also to deal with what happens after compromise occurs. The purpose of micro-segmentation is to isolate applications and services from one another in order to prevent attackers from achieving their goalseven if they succeed in initially breaching the organization’s IT defenses.

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