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Live from Re:Invent! Alcide Cloud Security Platform is Available on AWS Marketplace for Containers

Nov 27, 2018 3:09:19 PM / by Aviv Fattal

We are happy to announce that Alcide's Cloud-Native Security Platform it is now available on the new AWS Marketplace for Containers.

AWS has announced today, Tuesday November 27th, during AWS re:Invent week on AWS Marketplace for Containers which adds support for software products that use Docker containers.

Docker containers are an open-source software technology that provides an additional layer of abstraction and automation over virtualised operating systems such as Linux and Windows. Just as virtual machines are instances of server images, containers are instances of Docker images.

Alcide’s availability on the Marketplace for Containers minimises the time to deploy Alcide by allowing you to pull Alcide agent image from AWS ECR (Elastic Container Registry).

In order to get Alcide up and running these are the steps you need to follow:  


STEP 1: Subscribe to Alcide SaaS Solution
  • It is a prerequisite to subscribe to Alcide SaaS Solution on AWS Marketplace before subscribing to the Container Marketplace.
  • Once subscribed, you'll receive a link to the Alcide console and you will need to go through the wizard steps required to setup your cloud environment.
deploy dashbaord
STEP 2: Subscribe to Alcide Container Solution on AWS Marketplace
  • Once Subscribed to the Alcide SaaS solution, go to  Alcide Container Solution page on AWS marketplace and click
  • Continue to Subscribe
  • Continue to Configuration  
  • Continue to Launch

*No additional costs will be made when subscribing to the agent solution.

  • You can now pull Alcide agent image from AWS ECR, by clicking the View container image details in the Container Image section and follow the Pull Command Instructions.
Alcide AWS Marketplace for Containers

Alcide AWS Marketplace for Containers
STEP 3: Deploy Alcide Agent
  • Follow the instructions to deploy the agent on the desired VMs in your environment.
  • Once completing agent’s deployment, you can login to Alcide console and view all the VMs and workloads you installed the agent on, in real time.

Alcide infrastructure view

Ready to give it a try? go to Alcide on AWS Marketplace.

Have additional questions? Please contact us here.


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