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Capturing 2020 - an Eventful Year With Alcide

Dec 21, 2020 12:27:59 PM / by Amir Ofek

A year ago, when we planned our strategy and had our predictions for 2020, we most definitely could not predict how erratic 2020 would turn out to be. We too had to adjust and provide support for our employees’ and clients’ new needs. However, 2020 turned out to be a tipping point year for the Kubernetes community with a massive K8s adoption across the globe. Many companies made a huge shift to the cloud and in order to do it the most cost effective and efficient way they turned to Kubernetes. As a result we faced a growing need for Kubernetes Security and therefore 2020 has become the best year yet for Alcide.

One Team

The Alcide team has always been our greatest asset, and this year we grew our team by 20% and have taken our teamwork and one-team culture to the next level. We have established our global sales team which now includes team members working with the US and European markets, grewing our revenue by about 300%. Our R&D team grew stronger this year with our most efficient year ever at Alcide with 20 releases and over 15 K8s specific checks packs - all with a “DevOps first” mindset.

We solidified the Alcide Kubernetes Platform, with our new unique audit log monitoring kAudit module, our unique Admission Control capability and recently added the first K8s-native Image Scanning - making it the most comprehensive Design to Runtime multi-cloud K8s Security platform in the market today.

Supporting Our Customers’ Growth

We are most proud about supporting our cloud-native customers, who have experienced a challenging yet very successful year:

  • Snowflake, which had the largest IPO in history and is truly revolutionizing the industry.

  • Takeaway/JustEat/Grubhub, which has become one of the largest food delivery conglomerates globally driving people’s essential needs this year.

  • A leading Online eCommerce player in the UK, which has selected Alcide to protect its large AKS deployment

  • A large public mobility company, which is transforming the public transportation industry, and selected alcide for its growing Kubernetes Security needs over its old container security solution

We look forward to driving ongoing value to our customers bridging DevOps and SecOps teams.


A Thriving Kubernetes Community

We also continued ramping up our contribution for the Kubernetes community with the launch of two new open source “Swiss Army Knife” tools-set for kubernetes checks: sKan - a Kubernetes configuration files and resources scanner, iSkan - a Kubernetes native image scanning, and rbac-tool - RBAC controls scanner. These tools were specifically designed to help organizations adopting Kubernetes with maintaining high standards of security and hygiene across multiple clusters and throughout the entire CI/CD pipeline.

We also made 18 new partners this year. Our AWS partnership grew closer with Alcide now supporting not only EKS but also Outposts, Bottlerocket, Linux 2, EKS-D and Security Hub. We also became official members of the exclusive Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), continued our relationship with GCP, and launched new partnership and support for RedHat and most recently SUSE/Rancher. We added great companies to our partners portfolio, among them are: Snowflake, New Relic, Datadog, Sumologic, Splunk and many others.

We tripled our postings on our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and opened a new Reddit account, gaining many new followers providing many insights to the community we’re here to serve. We enjoy being a part of the conversation, sharing our mission in discussions and learning so much from the greater cloud-native and Kubernetes community.


Promising Future towards 2021

As the Kubernetes production usage grows (CNCF’s survey reported a 80% usage among responses) and becomes an infrastructure standard, it is clear stronger comprehensive defense is required, one that is tailor made for Kubernetes and addresses both known and unknown threats alike.

As 2020 ends and the holidays are just a few days away we can try to predict what 2021 would be like for us, but if there’s one thing we learned this past year is that no one can truly predict the future. So instead of prediction, this year we will make resolutions, promises to live up to our company values: We will continue to be Obsessed with our clients; apply Grit to be courageous, innovative and persistent to make things happen, Act like an Owner in doing good, Winning as a Team, and simply Nail-It also in 2021.

With all of this in mind, we would like to wish you and your loved one a blissful holiday season and a truly happy and safe new year ahead.


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